Star Trek



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Mike Kim

Written By:

Matt McKenna and Chris McKenna

Originally Aired:

November 27th, 2005

Proceded By:

Stannie Get Your Gun

Followed By:

Not Particularly Desperate Housewife

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A.) StoryEdit

When Stan finds out that Steve cheated on his English homework,he forces him to write a story. Steve comes up with a story about Roger called "Roger , The Clumsy Alien". His teacher sends it to get published and it does, Steve is soon the most popular childrens writer in America, with help from his new bad boy persona. He meets an agent who convinces him to divorce his parents. He moves into his own house with Snot, Toshi, Barry, various super models and a clown. After a gum ball machine gets broken Steve, paranoid, kicks everyone out. His agent shows up with a child actor set to play Steve in the movie adaptation of "Roger, The Clumsy Alien". The actor gets pushed into a pool of Cherry Jello by Roger, who mistook him for Steve. The episode ends with Steve going back to his parents, who help him dispose of the actor's body by dumping it into a lake.

B.) StoryEdit

Roger longs to be famous, and sees his chance when Steve writes a story about him that gets published. But when Roger actually reads the book, which is about how he is a drunk failure, he vows to kill Steve. After Steve moves out Roger follows him to his house and accidently kills a child actor set to play Steve in the movie adaptation of his book. In the final scene Roger ties Steve's foot to a brick and nearly drowns him.

C.) StoryEdit

Francine's roots are showing and she wants to get her hair done by Beauregard LaFontaine. She is denied access to his salon until Steve becomes famous.

Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

  • The title is a reference to the TV show "Star Trek".
  • The montage of Steve becoming a bad boy is taken from the montage in "Dick Tracey".
  • Patriot Pigeon is based on a series of books written by Matt and Chris McKenna's father, about a penguin and a nun.


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