Stannie Get Your Gun



Episode Number:


Directed By:

John Aoshima

Written By:

Brian Boyle

Originally Aired:

November 20th, 2005

Proceded By:

Stan of Arabia Part 2

Followed By:

Star Trek

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A.) StoryEdit

Hayley and Stan are bickering about gun control, so Francine makes them spend the day together. Stan takes Hayley to an amusment park called "NGA Land", and she is disgusted that there pushing guns on kids, and sings a protest song. Stan ends up having his membership revoked and wants Hayley to apolagize in hopes of getting reenstated. She refuses and Stan stages a burglery, forcing her to shoot a robber. She finds out that he was an actor, and she shot blanks and in anger fires the gun severel times, accidently shooting Stan with a real bullet. After he is crippled he decides to become a pro-gun activist. Hayley hates the idea but helps him because she feels bad about hurting him. NGA Land wants Hayley to sing to the kids because of how well they responded to her last song. She and Stan agree and put on a show, but this also causes Bobby the Bullet to be fired. In anger he attempts to shoot Hayley, Stan takes the bullet and it ends up de lodging the last bullet so that he can walk again.

B.) StoryEdit

When Steve eats Roger's cookie he vows revenge on him. He convinces Steve that Stan and Francine kidnapped him from his real parents, and takes him to meet his "new parents". When they get there Roger reveiles his lie, which Steve thinks is awesome, and they leave the Madsons distraught.

Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

  • The NGA is a parody of the NRA.


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