Schmuley "Snot" Lonstein

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Curtis Armstrong




Mrs. Lonstein (mother)

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Uncle Soloman


Schmuley "Snot" Lonstein is a student at Pearl Bailey High School. He is friends with Steve , Barry and Toshi . He is the most like Steve of Steve's friends. They are also the closest out of the four of them, but they have a habit on turning on each other. In Con Heir Steve starts dating an 80 year old woman named Gretchen, who cheats on him with Snot. The two agree to never let a woman come between them again, only to both go chasing after an even older woman. In Bar Mitzvah Hustle, Steve lets Snot take the blame for the theft of Bar Mitzvah money, leaving Snot banned from having his own Bar Mitzvah. Steve eventually tells the truth, and throws Snot a Bar Mitzvah in his back yard. In Chimdale Steve has to wear a brace because of his scolioses, and Snot throws an apple at him in order to be accepted by everyone else. In License to Till, Steve pretends he does not know Snot to be accepted by a group of popular kids. Like Steve, his views on the world tend to remain rather naive, although he tends to have a more realistic grasp on society then Steve. 


Snot's voice actor, Curtis Armstrong is best known for playing the part of "Booger" in the film "Revenge of the Nerds", from which Snot's name and appearance is an homage. However Snot and Booger's personalities are quite different.

Hobbies and TalentsEdit

Snot can speak Klingon and Elvish. And in the episode American Dream Factory he is seen playing bass guitar.


Mrs. LonsteinEdit

The only member of Snot's family to be seen so far is his mother, Mrs. Lonstein. In "The Magnifacent Steven" Steve remarks that she has a wooden foot. In "Moon Over Isla Island" she possesed a few steriotypical jewish qualities. In "Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls" Snot talks about his mother sleeping around alot, and having some type of STD, she even sold Snot's halloween costume to buy dental dams. In "Don't Look a Smith Horse In The Mouth" Steve says to Snot "Maybe we can go to your house and play 'let's watch your mom sober up before she has to go to her nursing job!'"

Mr. LonsteinEdit

Snot's father is implied to have left them, and in "The Magnificent Steven" Steve says that he shot Snot's mom in the face with a flare gun.

Uncle SolomanEdit

In the episode "Licence to Till" we are introduced to Snot's uncle Soloman, a cabbage farmer. Snot, Toshi, Steve and Barry are supposed to help him take in the harvest, but Steve takes the tractor so that he can be the designated driver to the popular kids. When Steve and Snot come back with it runs out of gas, and they can't bring in the harvest. Many cabbages were lost.


Steve SmithEdit

Steve is Snot's best friend. In "Licence to Till" he tells him he regards his friendship higher then Toshi and Barry. However Snot and Steve tend to turn on eachother more then anyone else. Such as in "Licence to Till" and "Helping Handi's" when Steve abandones Snot for the popular kids, Snot also turns on Steve in "Chimdale" and "Con Heir". In a deleted scene from the episode Chimdale Snot claims to have nightmares about Steve's penis.

Barry RobinsonEdit

Snot often appears to be outwardly angered by Barry's lack of understanding of the world around him, often seen rolling his eyes at his remarks. He even outrightly slaps him and tells him "being stupid's gonna start getting painful" in the episode "Home Adrone".

Toshi YoshidaEdit

snot once told toshi to learn english toshi responded eat my bowls

Romantic and Sexual EncountersEdit

In [Con Heir, Snot makes out with an elderly woman named Gretchen.

In "Failure Is Not A Factory Installed Option," Snot, Steve, Toshi and Barry attempt to romance a group of girls who are basically their female counterparts. At first, things go okay because Stan bought a bunch of cars that the kids sit in while watching movies that Roger projects onto the side of the neighbours' house. However, at the end of the episode, the girls leave them when the cars get repossesed.

In "The 42 Year Old Virgin," Snot, Toshi, Barry and Steve are tricked into getting into a van witmolested at the "Young Wet and Wild" water park before being saved by Stan.

In the episode "The Magnificent Steven," everyone has to tell someone a secret during gym class. Snot's is that his therapist says he's a bad kisser.

In "Moon Over Isla Island," Snot is pulled out of the Smith's pool by Francine and accidently gets a face full of her breasts. Steve retaliates by attempting to touch Snot's mothers breasts, but ends up having her head touch his genitals. Snot attempts to have Francine touch his. Snot ends up taking out the doorknob in Stan and Francine's bedroom and hanging off the back of the door so that his erect penis sticks out the hole, which Steve grabs, mistaking it for the doorknob. When he realizes what he is holding, he remarks "I can feel your heart beating."

In "G-String Circus" Snot, Steve, Toshi and Barry go to space camp. While they're away, Stan has a group of strippers stay with them so they can work at his dry cleaners. Roger sends Steve and his friends a video of them in Steve's room and has two of them kiss each other, to which Steve replies "They're kissing where we practice kissing", insinuating that the boys have practiced kissing (either objects or each other).

In "Licence to Till" Snot and Steve kiss each other on the lips before getting on the tractor.

In "Merlot Down Dirty Shame" it is revealed that Snot has a crush on Hayley. This is later explored furthur in "Jenny Fromdabloc" where it is revealed that he has had said crush since he was four. In the episode he spends all of his Bar Mitzvah money trying to win her over, but ultimately gets his heart broken. Also in this episode, Snot has sex with Roger while he's in his persona of Jenny Fromdabloc, Steve's Jersey girl cousin. However he technically keeps his virginity due to the fact that he was really having sex with a stress ball, rather then an actual reproductive organ (human or alien).

One running joke throughout the series is that Snot gets erections from very customary things including pillow fights and airplanes. In "Moon Over Isla Island" Steve tackles Snot so that Francine's hand won't touch his genitals. When Steve asks why he isn't getting up, he says "I have to wait for my wrestling rager to go down. It's totally natural, my coach told me while I was having brandy at his house." This hints that he may have been molested by his coach (or has a drinking problem).

Episode AppearancesEdit