01 16 not particularly desperate housewives
Not Particularly Desperate Housewife



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Brent Woods

Written By:

Dan Vebber

Originally Aired:

December 18th

Proceded By:

Star Trek

Followed By:

Rough Trade

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A.) StoryEdit

Francine is board with her pradictable life and yearns for the exitment Kristy White must feel as part of the Lady Bugs, a group of exclusive housewives. Francine decides to go to an art exibet that the Lady Bugs will be at. While she's there a series of mishaps lead the Lady Bugs to belive that Francine is having an affair with the valet, and invite her to join there group beacuase thats what there real agenda is. Francine joins, all the while pretending to cheat on Stan. One day she decides she can't lie anymore and tells the Lady Bugs the truth, in response they tell her she has to sleep with another man within 24 hours or they'll kill her. She tries to get help, but nearly every woman in Langley Falls is a part of the group. They catch her and attempt to crush her to death with a row of shopping carts when Linda Memari shows up and asks to say goodbye to Francine. She kisses her and the Lady Bugs decide thats all the dirt on her they need and let her go.

B.) StoryEdit

A woman who was crushed to death by a row of shopping carts leaves her dog behind, which the police are going to kill. Francine saves it and takes it home. At first Stan hates the dog but after it attacks Roger he starts to like it. Before long Stan is completely devoted to this dog, and he even spends Roger's snack budget on him. Roger decides to mess with Stan by getting the dog to lick him by eating dog treats. Stan, infureated asks a pet shop employee for advice, who tells him he should astablesh that he's the alpha male. Stan promptly goes home and punches Roger, starting a huge brawl, which Stan wins. But when the dog dissapears Stan goes looking for it and finds it licking the face of a homeless man. Stan concludes that the dog can never be loyal to just one man and leaves him.

C.) StoryEdit

Hayley catches Steve and Klaus reading her diary and locks them in her closet, she forgets about them for a few days. When Roger crashes through the wall they are free, but decide that can't live in the outside world now.


Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

  • The title comes from the TV show "Desperate Housewives".
  • Whenever the character Katy does anything a japanese music sting plays, this is a parody of the latin music sting on "Desperate Housewives".


  • The dog is named Fussey, after Matt Fusfeild.