300px-Toshi Mom
Mrs. Yoshida

First Episode:

Weiner of Our Discontent

Voiced By:

Sandra Oh


Toshi Yoshida (son)

Akiko Yoshida (daughter)

Mr. Yoshida (husband)



Mrs. Yoshida is the mother of Toshi Yoshida and Akiko Yoshida. Stan and Francine both can't understand her, even though she speaks perfect english.

She is a proficient in the art ninjutsu, being perfectly able to sneak into the house and flawlessly incapacitate both

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls
  • Spelling Bee My Baby


  • In "Spelling Bee My Baby", Mrs. Yoshida admits that she doesn't speak Japanese, while admitting why her son does.
  • She apparently has an affiliation to the Yakuza