Jeff Fischer American Dad 2649
Useless Stoner

First Episode:


Voiced By:

Jeff Fischer


Military (U.S. Navy)


Henry Fischer (father) Roger Smith (surrogate mother) Hayley Smith (wife)


July 4, 1986




Jeff (born July 4, 1986 Age 32) is Hayley's stoner boyfriend. He lives in his van and is extremiley clingy. In "100 A.D." he and Hayley got married, and Jeff moved into the Smith house.

Jeff has some major boundary issues. In addition to being a needy boyfriend/husband, he regularly enters bathrooms while others are using them. He masturbates in the house when he isn't able to smoke pot. Also, Jeff is more sexually attracted to Francine than he is to Hayley.

Facts about JeffEdit

  • Jeff had a "choice" burrito while backpacking that one summer he was super-into rabbits
  • Jeff has a magic flute that summons a leprechaun named O' Seamus MacPherson
  • Jeff unknowingly was a drug mule for his dad, who grows "The Kind"
  • Jeff's crappy van transforms into a flying steampunk car
  • Jeff fatally stabbed a homeless intruder with a kitchen knife
  • Jeff once owned the rights to the master tapes of Blues Traveler's first album
  • Jeff still doesn't know that Roger is an alien
  • Jeff smells like weed and wore a bubble suit once
  • Jeff eats cereal out of his hat
  • Jeff throws a frisbee like a little girl
  • Jeff is named for, inspired by and voiced by Jeff Fischer
  • Jeff joined the navy to find a purpose in his life

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • 100 A.D.
  • Son Of Stan
  • There Will Be Bad Blood
  • The People vs Martin Suger
  • For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls
  • I Am the Walrus
  • School Lies
  • Licence to Till
  • Jenny Fromdabloc
  • Homewrecker
  • Hurricane
  • Season's Beatings
  • The Unbrave One
  • Stanny Tendergrass
  • Dr. Klaustus
  • Stan's Best Friend
  • Less Money, Mo' Problems