It's Good to Be The Queen



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Rodney Clouden

Written By:

Alison McDonald

Originally Aired:

Febuary 26th, 2006

Proceded By:

Finances With Wolves

Followed By:

Roger n' Me

Guest Stars:

Jon Cryer as Quacky

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A.) StoryEdit

Stan is eager to go to Francine's high school reuinion because Francine was the prom queen, and when Stan was in high school he got tricked into danciing with the prom queen, only to have the popular kids spill pigs on him. He vowed to come back and dance with the prom queen in 20 years, but he missed his reuinion. At first things go alright, untill the class digs up the class time capsule and find the ballet box for the prom queen vote. As it turns out a different girl named Debbie-Sue won. Stan ditches Francine to be with her instead. He sends his CIA double, Bill to make it up to Francine while he goes to the dance with Debbie-Sue. When Francine finds out she attempts to shoot Stan, but shoots Bill who is taken away in a helecopter ambulance, which Stan pays to hover so that He and Francine can have there spotlight dance.

B.) StoryEdit

Steve and Roger meet a pizza delivery man who may or may not be Jesus. He teaches Steve, among other things, how to deal with his bullying problem.

Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

  • Francine's friend Quacky is a parody of the character Ducky from "Pretty in Pink".
  • The scene where Bill holds up Gabriel Burns, thinking he's Peter Gabriel, to sing to Francine is a reference to "Say Anything."


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