Homeland Insecurity



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Rodney Clouden

Written By:

Sam O'Neile Neil Boushell

Originally Aired:

June 12th, 2005

Proceeded By:

Roger Codger

Followed By:

Deacon Stan, Jesus Man

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A.) StoryEdit

When Francine go to Al Tuttle's house she gets fat like Al she then bangs him then stan eats food at Al's house and dick gets super huge and he becomes fat but his wife still is heavier than him and they banged when Steve go over mr.tuttles house he falls into mr.tuttles fat and becomes fat and his dick grew huge like his dad then Steve bangs a girl

B.) StoryEdit

Stan made Steve join The Scout Rangers to get him ready for the apocalypse. It turns out that the troop he joined are even less interested in being there than Steve, and spend their time playing video games and drinking beer. In order to be accepted, Steve must recite the oath before a match flame hits his finger, but it does and he throws it out of pain, setting fire to a gazebo. When Steve wants out, the Scout Rangers say they'll kill him. He flees with Roger, but they end up crashing into an electrical plant. The Scout Rangers kick him out for going too far.

C.) Story Edit

Roger wants to find a power, but can't. When Steve is running away from the Scout Rangers, Roger goes with him to find out if his power is preventing Steve from getting molested at the bus station. Later, while the two are on Steve's bike, Roger decides his power is flying, but they end up crashing into an electrical plant. Roger then accepts that he has no power, unaware that he had just started the golden turd saga.

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