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Francine Ling-Smith
Francine - pool party

First Episode:


Voiced By:

Wendy Schaal








Nicholas Dawson (birth father) Cassandra Dawson (birth mother) Ba Ba Ling (adoptive father) Ma Ma Ling (adoptive mother) Stan Smith (husband) Hayley Smith (daughter) Steve Smith (son) Gwen Ling (adoptive older sister)



Francine Smith (née Ling; formerly Dawson) is usually potrayed as a typical house wife and dumb blonde, we learn that in Shallow Vows she is in fact a brunette. However she can be smart sometimes, espically when she gets a job. At one time, she published an article about the colossal squid, which tempoarily got her recognition.

She is usually nice but can resort to violence when she is pushed too far, such as in Francine's Flashback, in which she was seen beating up Stan Smith for forgetting their anniversary (the year before the episode).

She is also independent and does not allow anyone to push her around. Example of this is Stan of Arabia Part 2, where she got her arrested for public singing (the family was in Saudi Arabia).

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Stan Smith Edit

she loves her husband very much. She stays with him through thick and thin. In "Flirting with Disaster" Stan gives Francine skin from his "Thunder Butt" since she was a hideous,unliked, deformed being after having acid thrown in her face.

In "Oedipal Panties" Stan kidnapped all his mom Betty's boyfriends. He has an obsession over his mother. That Francine helps him deal with.

In some episodes she feels that he doesn't appreciate her.

Hayley SmithEdit

Haley and Francine have a complicated Relationship. They fight,Love,compete, and bond.

In " The Magnificent Steve" She and Haley compete for Roger's affection and complements. It started with Francine being jealous of Roger's Crush on Haley. They started arguing then later fighting. Soon to find out Roger tricked them to fight for a video on a website.

Steve SmithEdit

"Can't you just let him be my baby for just a little bit longer?"-Francine

Steve Smith is Francine's son. She has a pre-ocupation with keeping Steve as her baby, like in the episode "Ice's Ice'd Babies" when she tells him the only person will ever love him is mommy. She even goes to the extreime in "1600 Candles" by giving him drugs to try and prevent puberty, which ends up turning him into a toddler. However despite this she also has a happit of abandoning his needs when distracted by something going on in her own life. Probably the best example of this is in the episode "The Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls" when Steve falls out a window and breaks his arm, Francine and Stan leave him lying in a shrub so they can go see Buckle's haunted house.


As seen in the episode Frannie 911 Francine tends to take Roger's side and enables him. Roger affectionately calls Francine "Franiel" on occasion.

Klaus Edit

"Oh what could you do, you're a fish"-Francine

Klaus has an intense attracion to Francine, which was evident in the first season of the show, but has barely been mentioned since. Francine doesn't seem to care for Klaus much, and has a special champagne labeled "told Klaus to shut up."


  • Francine has planted the largest sex garden in North America
  • she made out with female security guard in morning straitjacket.
  • She is sometimes jealous of Haley
  • she is jealous of Stan's relationship With his mother Betty
  • She likes buff/hefty guys as seen in "Wife Insurance" & "Rapture's Delight"
  • She is nicest to Roger. She spoils him and takes his side often as seen in "Francine 911"


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