Camp Refoogee



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Albert Calleros

Written By:

Josh Bycel and Jonathan Fenner

Originally Aired:

September 10th, 2006

Proceded By:

Tears of a Clooney

Followed By:

The American Dad After School Special

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A.) StoryEdit

Stan wants Steve to go to summer camp and accidently sends him to a refugee camp.

B.) StoryEdit

Roger convinces Francine to try role playing with him. They go to a country club, playing up there personas and meet a couple. They invite them over to dinner. At first things go well until Francine tells them that Roger's character is an ecenomics professor, even though he told Francine before he wasn't. Francine says "Oh well it's been established". As revenge Roger tells Candy that Francine's character, Amanda, is bald. They keep telling the couple embarassing things about each other until Roger says that Francine killed there baby. They begin having a huge fight and the couple runs out of the house. At the end Francine and Roger are sitting on the floor among the destroyed living room, and Francine asks if the baby could have survived, Roger says no.