Brett Morris

First Episode:

Dope and Faith


Restaurant Owner

Voiced By:

Jay Thomas



A Son

A Daughter


Brett Morris was a man Stan met in Dope and Faith who became his best friend, due to how much they had in common. However, when Stan finds out that Brett doesn't believe in god, he tries multiple tactics to get him to, which ultimately ruins Brett's life.


In Dope and Faith he died after attempting suicide, and was brought back to life after making a deal with Satan. In "100 A.D." he died after being hit by a bus.

Facts about BrettEdit

  • Brett loved paddleboating
  • Brett's wife left him after Stan turned her gay with CIA technology
  • Brett went from being an Atheist to being a Satanist
  • Brett met Stan in a church
  • Resurrected Brett could shred on guitar
  • Resurrected Brett liked drinking blood

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • 100 A.D.
  • Son of Stan