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Barry Robinson

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David Herman






a mother

a father

a sister


Barry is an evil genius if he doesn't take a certain pill. The pill mentally disables him and keeps him in a calm state. Stan always insults him. Stan then gasps and says sorry, saying that it came out of nowhere.


He's adopted


  • Steve Smith
  • Toshi
  • "Snot"

Facts about BarryEdit

  • Barry has a thing for Miss Piggy
  • Barry once attended a weight-loss camp with Peter and Chris Griffin in the Family Guy episode Killer Queen
  • For Barry, being stupid can be painful
  • Barry found out the hard way that his puppy couldn't fly
  • Barry has a surprising awareness of the "all is lost" moment that usually precedes an Act II break
  • Barry once summoned a demon from an Ouija board
  • Barry can spot the difference between a plate and a platter
  • Barry got too old to be in his uncle's secret basement movies
  • Barry's hair poofs into an afro when wet
  • Barry wonders who Matt Berry is
  • Barry's parents are into S & M bondage
  • Barry referrs to his anti-psychotic medication as 'vitamins'
  • Barry was almost crushed by folding gym stands
  • Barry's evil voice sounds a lot like Craig Ferguson doing an impression of Gary Oldman
  • Barry has pretty serious diabetes
  • Barry drinks his own semen
  • Barry always forgets that "the stove is turned on."

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