Sanjen "A.J." Bullock

First Episode:

Four Little Words


Avery Bullock (adoptive father)

Miriam Bullock (adoptive mother)

Decreased mother


A.J. was an orphan from India that Francine adopted when she thought she killed her friend Melinda.

Stan rushes to India to tell Francine he had framed her, and when questioned about A.J., she tells Stan that A.J.'s mother had died working to feed her family, and that it was her last wish that Francine would take care of her baby. After Stan tells her the truth however, she doesn't want him anymore and he is adopted by Bullock. Later in the episode "One Little Word' Stan brings back Bullock's wife who has been brainwashed, but relizing she has a son helps her come back down to earth.

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